Matt Liddle


Matt is a seasoned business advisor and Chartered Accountant with a nearly two decade track record of building strong client relationships with small to medium businesses, helping owners to save tax, structure for risk, increase profit and capital value and improve cash flow.

Matt is extremely passionate about one thing: an advisory relationship that delivers financial, time and mind freedom to business owners.

It’s about understanding the customer’s desired result, identifying the objective and outlining options to achieve the outcome.

Whether that’s creating sufficient cash flow for owners to enjoy their desired quality of life, creating a sense of balance in life and business or having the peace of mind that allows them to sleep at night, the focus is understanding a customer’s needs or problems and identifying how we can work together to find a way forward.

Matt was born in Tassie, grew up in Victoria, spent some time in WA and finally landed in Canberra at 13. This was all courtesy of his Dad’s role at the National Australia Bank. It meant lots of packing boxes and moving and 6 primary schools in 7 years to boot, but it taught him to adapt to change and developed his people skills.

An alumnus of St Edmunds College Canberra and the Australian National University, Matt’s trajectory was heavily influenced by witnessing his father’s career in the private sector. This inspiration led him to a career in Chartered Accounting, where his passion for business and team collaboration helped him flourish. An extrovert at heart, Matt relishes the challenge of cultivating and sustaining relationships, deriving immense satisfaction from steering teams to deliver successful projects.

Outside of family commitments, Matt is always up for anything health and fitness related, whether it’s running, AFL (played at a top level for 15 years and loves the Carlton Footy Club), basketball, golf, mountain biking….just about any sport. He gets a kick from live music (although his 4 kids make this more difficult these days) and anything outdoors, including surfing, fishing, and camping.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business advice and taxation
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Registered tax agent